Our dedicated Strength and Conditioning Suite provides a private space for teams to train undisturbed away from our regular gym users. Featuring five lifting stations, a three-lane plyometric track and designated ‘rehab zone’, the new performance suite also offers video analysis technology.

Performance Suite 

• 5 x new combo RACKS
• 5 x Olympic bars and plates
• 4 x Adjustable benches
• 1 x DB Rack 1-10kg DB’s + 12.5-50kg DB’s
• 1 x Glute ham Bench
• 1 x asymmetric Leg press
• 1 x Ercolina rehab
• 4 x Watt Bikes
• A selection of kettle bells on storage rack
• Rehab zone; Swiss balls, wobble boards, floor mats
• A selection of med balls and slam balls, used for both/either, throwing against a ‘throws wall’ & trunk exercises
• 3 lane plyometric track running the length of the room

In addition, our newly refurbished fitness suites will cater for whole squad sessions or can be used for injured players to recover. We also have a separate studio, which can be used for other activities such as Yoga and Pilates.

Fitness Suites

• 6 Lifting platforms/racks, bars and plates
• 4 x adjustable benches
• 1 x Flat Bench Press
• 2 x DB racks (2.5-50kg)
• 1 x Ercolina rehab
• 1 x DAP
• 1 x Chin/Dip/Hip
• Fixed strength equipment (leg extension, leg curl, leg press, lat pulldown, seated row, chest press, seated shoulder press)